Midstream Operations

Smart logistics: from farm to refinery

At Global Clean Energy we use smart logistics and big data to streamline renewable fuel production across all aspects of our operations. Our Bakersfield Renewable Fuels Refinery is located on a BNSF Railway mainline, has a trucking terminal close to major interstate highways connecting Northern and Southern California markets, and is connected to the existing pipeline network in the San Joaquin Valley.

Together, our data-driven, fully integrated farm-to-fuel platform and the strategic location of our renewable fuels refinery site sets us apart from our peers, allowing us to control the quality and supply of our camelina feedstock while maximizing efficiencies and ensuring the ultra-low carbon intensity of our fuels.

Data-driven logistics and well-positioned, farmer-friendly depots ensure that our products get from farm to refinery on time, on budget, and with minimal waste.

Driving forward our economy with sustainable logistics

Bulk camelina movement provides an energy- and cost-efficient way to transport our feedstock to Bakersfield, California. Our Bakersfield Renewable Fuels Refinery is situated directly on a mainline Class I railroad, whose trains can move one ton of freight nearly 500 miles on one gallon of diesel. By partnering with BNSF Railway, we can easily ship camelina grain produced from our multiple growing regions across the U.S. to our Bakersfield renewable fuels refinery for fuel production, thereby minimizing transportation and energy costs.

1 Ton

of freight moved approximately 500 miles on one gallon of diesel.

550 Miles

averaged per day by Class I intermodal railroad

Rooting out inefficiencies with data-driven insights

We’re using big data analytics across all aspects of our plant science, feedstock production, logistics, and renewable fuels refining. These data help us certify the ultra-low carbon intensity of our fuels and gain insights that increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve our entire production process. Our integrated, scalable, data-driven farm-to-fuel platform sets us apart from competitors.

Our vertical integration helps us maximize efficiencies

The combination of our vertically integrated business and our hyper-focus on efficiency positions us as the lowest cost producer and highest value creator in our sector.

Plant Breeding/Seed Production
Agronomy Farming Technology
Grain Handling and Logistics
Oil Extraction & Refining
Livestock Protein Meal
Renewable Fuels
Upstream: from lab to farm

Upstream: from lab to farm

As fuel emissions guidelines grow more restrictive, our proprietary feedstock is purpose-bred and grown to meet even the most exacting standards. We are the industry leader in breeding and growing feedstock for ultra-low carbon intensity fuel. Ours is the only nonfood feedstock to meet both federal and California low carbon emission standards.

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Downstream: from refinery to market

Downstream: from refinery to market

Our Bakersfield renewable fuels refinery will be the largest in the Western U.S. Strategically located within a major center of regional demand, our renewable fuels refinery will accept our purpose-grown camelina feedstock, as well as other renewable feedstocks, to produce some of the lowest carbon emission fuels in the marketplace.

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