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Global Clean Energy is a uniquely positioned, vertically integrated nonfood feedstocks and finished renewable fuels company focused on producing the most sustainable, least carbon intense, lowest cost fuel possible without impacting food security or causing land use change.

Delivering clean renewable fuels to the marketplace

Delivering clean renewable fuels to the marketplace

Global Clean Energy is developing among the lowest carbon intensity fuels in the marketplace – the only highly scalable renewable fuel to meet both federal standards for low carbon emissions and California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard. Ultimately our Bakersfield Renewable Fuels Refinery will process our proprietary camelina feedstock yielding a renewable diesel that is chemically identical to petroleum-based diesel, but with over 80 percent lower carbon emissions. Our renewable diesel significantly reduces contaminants in diesel engine exhaust, namely NOx and particulate matter, both of which are significant factors in the formation of smog.

What makes us unique: Camelina sativa

What makes us unique: Camelina sativa

Camelina sativa is a fast-growing, multipurpose oilseed crop that is typically grown in rotation with wheat and other annual row crops. Camelina does not displace food crops as it is grown on fallow land, can grow in areas with limited rainfall, and is cold tolerant. Through our global camelina operations, we are a leader in producing fuels from nonfood crops, reducing the impacts of climate change responsibly without increasing food scarcity and cost.

Using camelina for renewable diesel production

Using camelina for renewable diesel production

Camelina is a low input crop with high yield. Our proprietary camelina varieties yield more than twice the oil content of soybeans. This unique composition makes the oil very attractive for renewable diesel production. In addition, as a fallow dryland rotational crop, camelina does not displace food crops or create a carbon penalty from direct or indirect land use change, which makes it unique and differentiates it from other feedstocks such as corn and soybeans.

Ultra-low carbon feedstock

Ultra-low carbon feedstock

Camelina is among the lowest carbon intensity renewable fuels in the marketplace and our patented varieties are the only renewable feedstock currently qualifying for California’s strict Low Carbon Fuel Standard. Our camelina-based renewable fuel can be used as a drop-in equivalent for petroleum-based diesel, mixed directly into the California transportation blend, or sold abroad through partnerships with energy multinationals. Its extremely low carbon intensity also allows customers to meet their emission reduction targets using just a fraction of the alternative biofuels otherwise required.

Our unique farm-to-fuel strategy

Revolutionizing the supply chain for renewable fuels

Plant Breeding & Seed Production
Agronomy & Farming Technology
Grain Handling & Logistics
Oil Extraction & Refining
Livestock Protein Meal
Renewable Fuels

Before the introduction of Global Clean Energy’s proprietary camelina varieties, renewable fuels were made almost exclusively using food crops like corn and soybeans, making them subject to the volatility of food crop prices, which can affect food security through pricing and availability. Our nonfood camelina feedstock varieties are fast growing and use less water, then are refined into ultra-low carbon intensity fuels that are chemically identical to their petroleum-based counterparts. Because we can leverage our vertically integrated structure of dedicated feedstock supply, transportation, and refining capacity, we can maintain our ultra-low carbon intensity standards and maximize operational efficiencies at all levels of the supply chain.

About our operations

Global Clean Energy at a glance

Over a decade of R&D

We have a robust portfolio of intellectual property that is backed by over 15 years of dedicated research in plant genetics, agronomics, and commercial scale cultivation.

Patented camelina varieties

Our patented camelina varieties qualify for U.S. EPA low emission standards, California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard and the European Union Renewable Energy Directive.

Better farm economics

Our fast-growing camelina varieties can be rotated with annual row crops and grown on land that would otherwise be left idle. Camelina can also be seeded in warmer climates during the winter for a double crop, offering farmers an opportunity for additive farm economics and better asset utilization.

Reducing transport costs

Our Bakersfield Renewable Fuels Refinery is strategically located in Bakersfield, CA. The former petroleum refinery site has over 3 million barrels of storage capacity and is located in the largest U.S. compliance market.

Driving down carbon intensity

We use big data analytics across all aspects of our plant science, crop production, logistics, and processing operations, which allows us to validate our ultra-low carbon pathway and manage efficiencies at every step.

Extraction & refining

Our Bakersfield Renewable Fuels Refinery sits on more than 500+ acres and will have the capacity to produce approximately 210 million gallons of renewable diesel per year, as well as other renewable co-products, making it one of the largest renewable fuels refineries in the Western United States.

Developing premium renewable fuels

Reducing life cycle greenhouse gas emission by up to 80 percent compared to petroleum-based diesel, our renewable diesel is chemically identical making it a drop-in replacement for traditional diesel that can be used in modern engines on the road today without the need to be blended like other biofuels. Our proprietary camelina-based renewable diesel can reduce emissions further, over 90 percent less CO2 in its life cycle. In addition to renewable diesel, our Bakersfield Renewable Fuels Refinery also produces renewable propane and butane, which emit less CO2 in their life cycle than traditional petroleum-based propane and butane.

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