Sustainable Oils

Sustainable Oils (SusOils) is a plant science and crop production company with an industry-leading portfolio of intellectual property, regulatory approvals and deployment experience for elite varieties of camelina. SusOils is engaged in the breeding and development of novel enhanced varieties of camelina intended to advance key agronomic attributes of the crop. SusOils has key employees in eight states covering the high productivity areas of the central and northern plains.

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Camelina Company Espana

Camelina Company Espana (CCE), headquartered in Madrid, was acquired by Global Clean Energy in December 2021. CCE owns a portfolio of proprietary camelina varieties and maintains an active plant breeding program that enables the sustainable introduction of camelina in different crop rotations without displacing any primary crops. CCE is Europe’s largest camelina crop innovator and seed producer. CCE has extensive experience in camelina production along the complete value chain, having supplied sustainable and certified camelina oil for aviation biofuel production and camelina meal.

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Bakersfield Renewable Fuels

Global Clean Energy is retooling and converting the Bakersfield Renewable Fuels Refinery to produce renewable fuel products. Once complete, the Bakersfield Renewable Fuels Refinery will produce renewable diesel from both SusOils’ proprietary camelina as well as a traditional slate of renewable feedstocks such as vegetable oils, waste fats, and greases. The Bakersfield Renewable Fuels Refinery will be one of the largest renewable fuels facilities in the Western United States, and the largest in the country that produces renewable fuels from nonfood plant oils and other traditional renewable feedstocks.

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