Syngenta Seeds, Sustainable Oils Announce Commercial Agreement to Sell Camelina Seed

Oilseed can be incorporated into existing crop rotations to support regenerative agriculture

DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS (August 28, 2023) – Syngenta Seeds, LLC, part of the Syngenta Group, and Sustainable Oils, Inc., a subsidiary of Global Clean Energy Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB:GCEH), have entered into a new agreement to sell Camelina sativa (camelina) seed – an ultra-low carbon oilseed crop that can be used as feedstock for sustainable aviation fuel and renewable fuels, and an ingredient for sustainable animal feed.

The collaboration reflects Syngenta’s strong commitment to enabling farmers to economically adopt regenerative practices around the world. Camelina can be planted on fallow land or land left idle between crop cycles. It is valued for its low water usage, quick maturity, and resilient yields. Camelina protects land like a cover crop providing a range of environmental benefits, including soil health and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

By offering farmers a new cash crop in high demand, the commercial partnership promotes a more diverse and resilient agricultural system while helping to deliver direct economic benefits to farmers from their otherwise idle or fallow farm acres.

“The collaboration of Syngenta Seeds and Sustainable Oils to sell camelina seed for use in sustainable aviation fuel, renewable diesel, and animal feed production is a significant step forward in promoting regenerative agriculture and renewable energy,” said Eric Boeck, Regional Director North America for Syngenta Seeds. “By supporting farmers and offering a sustainable source of fuel and animal feed, this partnership represents a win-win for producers, the environment, and the rural economy. It embodies our commitment to sustainability and our drive to bring innovative solutions to market.”

“We are very excited to partner with Syngenta Seeds on this collaboration to expand camelina’s growth in the U.S.,” Sustainable Oils President Mike Karst said. “Camelina represents a key feedstock for the production of renewable fuels and sustainable aviation fuel. It is a remarkable crop that protects like a cover crop and pays like a cash crop. We’re proud to be working with Syngenta to bring this opportunity to more farmers, improving our soil health and carbon storage while strengthening our nation’s domestic energy production in the process.”

Camelina seed will be sold through Syngenta’s AgriPro® dealer network in a vertical marketing model. Farmers who buy camelina seed will have a harvest purchase contract. There is no marketing risk for the farmer since there is already an integrated value chain model.

In addition, producing camelina is an attractive option, providing farmers with quick soil cover and improved soil structure, without displacing another crop or requiring new equipment.

Camelina seed will be marketed in select areas of Western Kansas, Colorado, Montana and the Pacific Northwest. It can be included as a spring crop in a wheat-fallow rotation in Montana and the Pacific Northwest, and as a winter crop in Kansas and Colorado.

About Camelina sativa:

  • Camelina produces oil seeds that produce a sustainable oil for renewable fuel production.
  • Camelina is a drought resilient oilseed that provides quick soil cover and improves soil structure.
  • Sustainable Oils’ proprietary camelina varieties and farm-to-fuel pathways can yield renewable diesel with an ultra-low lifecycle Carbon Intensity (CI).
  • Renewable diesel and other renewable fuels produced with Sustainable Oils’ patented camelina varieties have the potential to achieve a Net Zero or below CI score.

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Syngenta Agronomic Research Scientist Brad Bernhard briefs visitors at one of the Syngenta regenerative agriculture field demos on the importance of ‘relay cropping’ with camelina so farmers can reap the benefits of this practice without delaying their regular planting timelines.

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