Vertical integration drives to lowest cost, lowest carbon  and highest value

Smart logistics and big-data analytics streamline energy and cost efficiencies

GCEH's strategically located midstream assets, including drop off points for grain collection and storage, offer significant benefit to farmers. We're using grain facilities at convenient sites in regions that can produce our camelina on a large scale, and are connected to shuttle train loops.


Shuttle trains of 100+ grain hopper cars are the most energy- and cost-efficient way to transport an agricultural commodity across land. In time, we can build our own silos on the existing rail loops, increasing efficiency for the railway as well.

BNSF mainline loading sites provide direct service to our biorefinery site, which is also located on a BNSF mainline. Our planned crush facility will be the largest on the West Coast.


Clarifying complexity across industries


One end of GCEH's business is anchored in plant and soil science, the other in biofuel production. Overarching all is our unique, integrated farm-to-fuel IT platform which utilizes big data analytics to give clear visibility into every aspect of our sourcing, logistics, oil extraction and refining processes.


Crucially, this platform provides the detailed data needed to measure and validate the ultra-low-carbon intensity of our fuels.

Our priority is to optimize the entire production process to lower the carbon intensity of our fuels, reduce costs and improve bottom-line results.